Monday, August 15, 2011

Shaming Homophobia

Mark Kleiman reminds us just who Michele Bachmann really is.  She
thinks that loving other people of the same sex is “sexual dysfunction” and “bondage” and “slavery,” and that anyone who thinks otherwise is “part of Satan.” And of course their families aren’t really, y’know, families.

Amazing. The only thing dysfunctional, enslaving or despairing thing about it is how she and people like her treat gays. If her hateful, intolerant and ugly views didn’t exist, everyone would indeed be perfectly “gay”. Especially, no doubt, her husband.

And if I hear one more time about “love the sinner, hate the sin”, I’m going to puke. It’s nothing more than the religious codification of ancient hatreds – malevolent judgements upon a people’s fundamental existence, with no basis *whatsoever* in reality. Homophobia needs to be called out for the bigoted hatred it is, no different than racism, no matter what religious BS it gets wrapped up in. Again, and again, and again these people need to be shamed until such speech is no longer accepted in polite society.

To paraphrase the Specials: “If you have a homophobic friend, now is the time for that friendship to end.”

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