Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Project Finally Finished... Whew!

So, my last project having been completed way back in 2003, I've finally finished another.  One of the songs on it was originally written I think as far back as 2004 (All I See).  I remember actually playing it for my therapist after my suicide attempt.  But with my daughters being so little, I haven't had much time since then to apply myself artistically, sparing the occasional stolen moment with the guitar here and there.

But now they're older and more independent.  My career as well began to straighten out a bit a few years back.  That's actually not the best description, but emotionally... it fits.

And so in 2013 I took my 10 best songs and began laying down more tracks - drums, bass, lead guitar, piano, etc.  A slow process, working on maybe a track at a time on weekend mornings, here we are in April 2016.

I'm still a solo musician.  Never worked out very well socially for me to find other people to do much substantial with.  Tim Groseclose and my improvisations have always been really cool.  Ryan Jones lent me drums back in Portland for the 2003 project.  Josiah Rector added anonymous guest vocals for my secret rap album the same year.

Each of the songs has meaning for me.  Although the lyrics are vague enough that you wouldn't be able to tell much.  But events in my life have informed their subjects. In the digital age now, a mere CD release seemed anachronistic.  Would people even listen?  But to put them on you tube would require a visual. So I ambitiously decided to do illustrations for each song.  I think about 160 in total. Many clues there for the meaning of each song.  Friends might recognize various times in my life from Here it Comes.  These represent jobs I've had throughout my life.

I'm somewhat the Tralfamadorian out here in my little artistic bubble.  I used to bring my guitar to work which Kevin Palmer and Kevin O'dell may remember.  One of the clients there told me she was my biggest fan.  Aside from my wife, she was probably correct.

I love to make music.  It seems a shame however not to share it with any who might enjoy it.  I hope you will!

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