Monday, March 28, 2011

Hitler's Toothbrush

According to Wikipedia*, the toothbrush-style mustache became popular "as a response by working-class men to the flamboyant, flowing Kaiser-style mustaches of the upper classes".  Or at least, I would imagine, those wishing to express such sympathies.  Would the Hillary bowl, Kerry hunt, or Bush brush-cut would be similar such examples of cynical shibolethery.

At any rate, not only was Hitler responsible for horrendous crimes against humanity, but he single-handedly destroyed the toothbrush mustache.  Has there ever been such a fashion disaster?

*a BBC article is referenced, which in turn quotes a comedian as an authority.  Oh, Wikipedia.

1 comment:

  1. I hold that the clipped moustache was a compromise between masculine pride and life-saving practicality. Its chopped lines would have allowed the vital sealing of gas masks not possible with wider facial hair fashions.

    Hitler proudly wore a handlebar moustache from early on in WWI until he was blinded and hospitalized for months by gas. After that he seemed to favour the iconic, trimmed square..