Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where Are the Real Libertarians?

I could spend all day listening to people try to argue against things like mass transit and infrastructure spending.

The only thing missing ever missing from the discussion is Tina Turner in leather.

Where are the real Libertarians?!!!! I’m serious. I want to see some spaced-out shit for real. Can’t we give them a piece of land some where and watch. It could be like… what was that show called… the XFL or something? Maybe some Hollywood seed money could get them started. We’d have to set up a perimeter of course, for when the bombs start going off. It’d be like the Apprentice – meets Big Brother (Little Brother?) – meets Survivor – meets – well, I was going to say Rock of Love just for the douche factor but you know it would be a total sausage-fest (Galt-fest?).

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