Monday, January 25, 2010

Quit Yer Whinin'...

Obama dropped a bomb today on the progressive blogosphere.  Apparently plans are in the works for large cuts in non-defense spending.  Matt Yglesias describes it as
an effort to balance concern with a “massive GDP gap” in the short run and “very substantial budget deficits out over time,” the plan calls for the FY 2011 budget to be higher than the FY 2010 budget, but then for non-security discretionary spending to be held constant in FY 2012 and FY 2013.
Liberals are freaking out.  To you I say:

Oh, wah!

Obama has taken so much misdirected heat it’s sickening. Because the big tent democrats can’t be corralled this is somehow Obama’s fault? It appears the tea party pathology of needing to have complex problems require easy and false scapegoats is catching.

I’m not sure this is substantively anything more than political posturing. But the last fucking thing it is is acting like a Republican. Have you seen that party lately? At least the Democrats have saved us from financial ruin, staunched the pain with a stimulus (which is paying for my family’s health care right now via COBRA, Thank you very much), and attempted to put together a largely important bill to reform health care and carbon emissions. The fact that they can’t pass them is frustrating – but if maybe one or two Republicans stepped up we might have something.

The world isn’t perfect and neither are politics. So this isn’t a progressive’s fantasy – but Jesus, chill out and stare at this picture for a while.

Feel better?

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